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 “the human foot really is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art“- Leonardo da Vinci

If you want to learn how to assess foot function to be better able to advise your clients and patients on appropriate footwear choices and corrective exercise then this is the place.  Discover more information on popular seminars and register your interest in attending a certification workshop

We also host the occasional pop up booth at famous events, trade shows and exhibitions. Come and join the myFoot Team for a foot function assessment  and test drive our unique functional footwear.

Functional Foot Map Certification

Workshop Description

A 2-day workshop of human footprint and it’s application in assessing and restoring foot function.

Why attend the Workshop

Lee Saxby has designed the Functional Foot Map system for therapists, trainers and coaches who understand the importance of the foot in human movement and require an efficient, repeatable and reliable method to assess foot function. The Functional Foot Map is

a practical footprint analysis system that can be easily integrated into both clinical and gym environments.

Who should attend the Workshop

This certification workshops is aimed at therapists, trainers and coaches.

What you will learn

Form is function. Learn why the human foot needs to be ‘foot-shaped’ to be functional and why the ‘shoe-shaped’ foot is the biggest challenge to functional, pain-free movement.

Learn what the human footprint represents biomechanically and how it can be used to qualify foot shape, arch types, and basic foot loading kinetics and what this data tells us about the function of the foot.

Learn how to set up and operate the Functional Foot Map to accurately collect footprints and how to apply a simple and visual analysis to help interpret the data and educate the client on their current level of foot function.

Learn how to restore the function of the human foot by the habitual use of correctly fitted, anatomically intelligent, functional footwear and the application of restorative soft tissue techniques, mobility drills and corrective exercise techniques.

The Functional Foot Map Pedograph has been created to be not only the best ‘Harris Mat’ in production but also the most accurate and durable clinical tool available to record and qualify the human footprint.

Workshop includes

  • 14 contact hours with Lee Saxby the creator of the Functional Foot Map System (UK CPD points available)

  • Functional Foot Map Practitioner Manual (English)

  • Functional Foot Map Pedograph set

  • Assessment material to use on your clients

  • Foot Map Practitioner Certification and listing on this website

Certification workshop Fee

Our 2 day certification workshop(14 hours) is £650 (approx. 750€ inc VAT), this includes:

  • certification workshop Material
  • Foot map & assessment material to use on your clients
  • "Functional footman practitioner" Certification

Next Steps

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Certification Workhops: Germany, Austria & Switzerland.

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Certification Workhops: International

For Functional Foot Map certification workshops outside of Germany, Austria & Switzerland, please visit functionalfootmap.com where you can find the locations and dates of workshops worldwide.

Join us at YogaWorld in Munich!

Event Location:
Lilienthalallee 40
80939 München

Booth Location:
Visit Joe Nimble Functional Footwear in booth 2.4/2.5

Opening times:
Friday, 17.01.2020 - 3 p.m to 8 p.m.
Saturday, 18.01.2020 - 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Sunday, 19.01.2020 - 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Entrance fee:
The entrance fee for the YogaWorld Munich:

Freitag, 17.01.2020 - 9€
Samstag, 18.01.2020 - 13,50€
Sonntag, 19.01.2020 - 13,50€
three-day-ticket - 27€

We hope to see you there!

Be Nimble 


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